How I became a runner

I really do love running. Although I started out hating it, I can still remember quite well. As a teen, I wasn’t exactly what you would call a fitness addict. As I told you, I was very late with many things, so naturally it also took me a long time until I realized that I should do something good to my body. So at around the same time as I decided I had to change my diet to vegetarian, I also found that doing sports is probably not the most horrible thing in the world. And that was at maybe 15, please don’t judge. 😉

The first times I went running was with my mom who tried to convince my childish self to do something for my body. We went running together and of course I was panting all the time, having to stop for walks all the time and having a grudge against what I was doing ALL THE TIME. Not the best attitude, I suppose. Always easy to see this clearly in retrospect, but back then… Something clicked for me when I had a sports class at high school, called “improving your stamina” which was mostly running. Until then I had started to go for the occasional run because I had realized that it actually did me good. But not for fun, so far. However, this sports class really raised my motivation because I wanted for once to get an A in sports. So I worked hard, really pushed myself till the limits and outran most of my classmates frequently. I think this did the trick. When I saw that I was actually good at it and I had much more potential than I had seen before, I was hooked. Ever since this sports class (in which I got my desired A, yay!) I have loved running and try to do it at least three times a week. Usually my motivation is not great when I start but during my run I feel really happy that I am doing it and the feeling afterwards is always the best. Yes, even though I had to wake up earlier and my stomach was growling, I got up, went for it and then feel like I could accomplish anything. Running = best addiction ever. Well, maybe second best – after being addicted to 92% cacao chocolate (SO good!).

One great thing about running is that once you have become a runner, you don’t lose it. There was a time in my life where I just couldn’t manage to go running, and it stretched over several months. After that I was really nervous to start again at first because I feared that all my condition would be gone and I would have to start from scratch. But far from it! My first run felt so good, it was like having unlimited energy supplies. This is when I realized that you never really cease being a runner once you have truly become one. It is a relieve because it means you don’t have to go crazy when you are just super busy for a while and have no idea how on earth you should squeeze in a run for weeks. It’s okay! Getting back afterwards will feel just awesome. 🙂 It also made me very proud when I found this, since at this point I knew that I was a real runner. Such a good feeling!

I know that some people would tell me they have pre-run snacks and stuff but I could never get used to that. Once I ate something I wouldn’t be able to go running, my stomach would completely revolt. And I don’t mind because I can always look forward to breakfast afterwards. 😉

With running it’s like with many other things in life: they first seem like a huge effort and take you out of your comfort zone because hey, you actually have to try something new which might even be demanding in the one or the other way. But then the reward is usually SO worth it. Let it be changing your diet, starting some kind of sports or picking up a new language you always liked – it means overcoming your weaker self, showing who you can and want to be and finally becoming that person. Had you told me 8 years ago that I would ever think that way and be 100% convinced of it, I probably would have laughed at you. Good thing we are all able to learn and broaden our minds. It can lead to the very best things in life.

These beautiful heralds of spring I wouldn’t have seen without my running tour:


DSCF1842 2

Now that’s a good reason to start running, no?




4 thoughts on “How I became a runner

    1. Huh, just found your comments in my spam folder – sorry it took me so long to notice.
      Yep, running is awesome. It just makes you feel so fresh and free. Not to mention the health benefits. ❤

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