Sensory overload

This world, I feel, is getting so overloaded with sensory stimuli that it becomes really hard for sensitive people to ever achieve a placid state of mind. Okay, always wanted to try meditation and never did so far – definitely on my to-do list! Maybe that’ll help. 😉

But anyway, it’s not so easy nowadays. You just open your apartment’s window and in come the music your neighbor listens to, the vacuum cleaner from next door and the car sounds, of course. Birds are chirping? Nice, but you can’t even hear it often enough. Noise pollution is a real thing, and I wish it wasn’t. Where I live(d) for my studies, it was never really quiet, but I am happy to say that at home, with my mom, we live by the forest and in a rather small village. Yes, there one can actually hear the birds chirping. 🙂

It’s not only auditory stimuli, though. For example, I really enjoy sitting in a very dim room with only a faint light on. When people come and see me doing this they don’t understand and just ask why I don’t turn on the light. Easy: because I like it this way. Same with smells, I can’t stand strong perfume, for example. Not to mention unpleasant smells such as cigarette smoke – ugh! And also when it comes to spices, I am not very fond of hot food. Tried it a few times but I just couldn’t handle it.

I think it’s also one of these typical HSP things. Once you accept it, it is suddenly much better. So what if you have different preferences than other people? Although it’s of course still annoying if there is no escape what happens especially for the noises.

My best advice: try to find as much time as possible doing something calm and quiet, for me that totally does the trick. Usually my “therapy” involves either taking huge walks in the forest or creating home-made chocolates or cakes. Recently I also started with bread buns… I think I’m getting obsessed with these, actually. 🙂

Stay tuned, as I am planning to share one of my recent chocolate creations with you soon!

Ayumi ❤


4 thoughts on “Sensory overload

  1. Ah you sound just like me!! I am so sensitive to smells it drives me insane! Walking by someone who uses dryer sheets is the worst! Also I hate bright lights, I generally hide under a blanket if I’m in a room with the lights up too high!! Really sucks because other people just don’t understand how overwhelming it can be…


    1. Haha, yeah it can get really crazy… And “normal” people just don’t understand it. Thank you for your nice comment, it means a lot to find people that can relate to what I feel. 🙂

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