Goal for today

Today I woke up and had an idea: I will try to start regularly sharing a goal for the day, nothing complicated, just an impulse for a happier and more mindful time. I’m sometimes trying to set goals for myself, but usually I don’t really accomplish much because I have nobody to check on me. So my plan now is to share what I plan to achieve today with you and tell you later what I managed. Maybe you would like to join in and share your experiences with me? I would be thrilled!

So, my first goal is a pretty simpleone: smile at all the people you meet, and not only the ones you know. Everyone your eyes meet (okay, maybe except for really creepy figures…), be it on the bus, in the elevator, or in the park, counts. I’m sure there will be people smiling back. And the happiness this brings will for sure do all of us good.

With that, I wish you all a cheerful day! 🙂

“Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.” ~ Nhat Hanh


Okay, I think I can say I was successful. Although it was a bit hard at times to randomly smile at people, I forced myself to do it (after all, I didn’t want to have to admit here that I didn’t 😉 ).
It was really nice, I received so many smiles in response. Normally I totally underestimate how much joy it brings you to be smiled at. And if all you have to do for it is to start by smiling yourself – well, that’s awesome! I was actually surprised how many people gave me a really warm smile in response.

If you didn’t consciously try such a “challenge” yet, I highly recommend it. In the evening, you can be proud of yourself (yes I am 🙂 ) and you brought a little bit of happiness to many people and actually a lot more to yourself.


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