Highly bittersweet – that’s what life is, isn’t it? So much joy, so many wonderful moments, but also a lot of cruelty and sadness. Especially as an HSP, a highly sensitive person, one can often feel the ups and downs in life much stronger than other people.

This is why I am here. Being an HSP myself, I have long struggled with my “strangeness” that seemed to make me a misfit in every community. But as you will see on this blog, everything is only as bad as you think and many things you thought desirable might not be it! Talking about my day-to-day experiences with this special state of mind I want to encourage fellow HSPs to start accepting themselves the way they are. For me it was a long process, still ongoing, but now I feel like I am moving in the right direction.

You will find on this blog my ideas and suggestions on how to handle life as a perpetual weirdo and finding that you are not so weird, after all.

However, I will also write about daily situations and be sure to post some of my favorite vegan recipes to spread the word on the best diet in the world! 🙂

 My name is Ayumi*, I’m 23, passionate vegan, HSP, Master’s graduate and currently looking for my place in the world. Usually enjoying my time alone, I pursue my passions – vegan baking and cooking, running, writing and spending my time in nature. Sounds boring to you? Hey, I told you I’m strange, so that was to be expected, right? 😉

I am so happy you are here and I hope that you will be able to take something with you from my little space in the world.

*Ayumi is actually an alias that I chose because of its meaning. I found that this beautiful Japanese name can be translated as “She goes her own way” – and what could be more fitting for people like us?


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