Law of Attraction

Hi people,

a while ago I had announced that I was planning to tell you about the Law of Attraction that I came in touch with a few years ago. Now, as a premonition, depending on your beliefs and attitude, it might be that you just find this whole thing crazy and idiotic. I used to think that way. Until I decided to try and realized how true most of the ideas are.

So, the Law of Attraction (made popular by The Secret by Rhonda Byrne) is a principle that says that everything you attract with your mind will come into your life. This means if you really want something, you just have to believe strong enough in getting it, and you will finally have it. It sounds too simple to be true, right? Well, the problem is that you can’t really have a doubt, otherwise it will not work. Probably now you start thinking that it’s really crappy, and I did the same first. So please read on. 😉

There is some kind of three-step-process to get what you desire. At first, you need to visualize very clearly and convincing what you want to have. For example, you want a certain hat that you are unable to find in your local stores. You need to see a picture of this specific thing in your head and decide that this is what you want to have. What you do with this is that you “order” what you desire from the universe. In principle it’s like ordering a parcel. You decide what you want, order it at a company and wait for the parcel to arrive.

This is the second step. While waiting, one has to be expectant and positive without any doubt that the parcel will arrive. To me, this appears to be the hardest. It’s fine to think what you want and to believe that, okay, you will get it, but once you have been waiting for a month, the enthusiasm can easily start to fade. And if this happens, your order was in vain and no parcel will arrive. According to Rhonda Byrne, it depends entirely on you how long it takes until the ordered parcel arrives. If you think it will take long, well, it will. If you trust in it to be delivered very soon, it might as well, if you believe strong enough. Of course this is a technical barrier that I have run into many, many times. But actually, there are quite a few experiences where I’m pretty sure that without my firm belief that something would happen this way, it wouldn’t have. I don’t want to go into details now because I’m actually dog-tired, but I can definitely tell you some success stories.

The third part of the process is receiving your parcel, whatever you desired, thankfully and happily. Being thankful in general is something very much stressed in this principle because it basically shows your appreciation for all the small wishes that were fulfilled in your daily life, many of which you didn’t even consciously think about. For example, waking up again healthily or seeing a beautiful flower etc.

I’m curious – has anyone ever heard about the Law of Attraction? And what do you think about it? Exciting or bullshit?

For me personally, I can just repeat that it had a very positive impact on the way I see life and I’m grateful to have discovered it. I would always recommend it! 🙂

All the best



It’s our choice!

Hi there,

today I want to share with you what I experienced a few days ago, when I visited a talk by a Tibetan Buddhist teacher about letting the past go. It was more for my mom than for me, because she had a troublesome time over the last few years. But I was very curious to meet this person anyway. And it was worth going there, even though the conclusion was basically something I already knew. However, it never harms to be reminded of simple and powerful truths. 🙂

He talked a lot about stress at first, how our Western societies are full of it and the people don’t get to relax during the day as much as they should. Mindfulness ist another thing he touched, and he kept repeating that when you are, e.g., eating lunch, you should focus on this and enjoy it instead of already worrying about what will come next. We do this all the time, I mean, who really lives in the present moment? It’s a great thing to try, but for me it usually takes less than a minute until I think of future or past again. Anyway, that was how he started the talk, and it was already very nice. He then presented 6 tools of how to achieve more happiness in life. Actually, it was 5 tools and 1 “manual” to make use of the tools.

The tools were generosity, discipline, continuity, concentration and patience, the manual knowledge. As simple as that. He talked about all of them for a bit, and then, in the very end, he came back to the original topic of the talk and just said that regarding the letting go of the past, it’s our own business. We have to make a conscious decision that we want to do it, and we may use the mentioned tools to achieve it. But he didn’t say much more about it. It’s our choice, I think that’s the main message.

We make decisions all the time, concerning important and not-so-important things. But we often forget that we can make choices in every aspect of our lives, we have the chance to change so many more things than the ones we do change. We can change many aspects of ourselves, even. Maybe not the basic foundations of who we are (but who would want to change that, anyway?) but definitely some patterns of how we behave in certain situations, and also the general attitude towards life – as I did over the years.

I think this is something worth repeating again and again, because many people struggle with various issues and always complain about their bad luck etc. Fine, people, it doesn’t exactly help you to complain about what is bad and should be changed over and over again. Just make the decision to accomplish these changes. We have all the power in us, we just usually don’t make use of it and thus think that there is nothing there. There is, let’s just trust in it!

Alright, enough for now… I just thought you might like to hear about this talk too, and maybe think about what you would like to finally let go, or change, or accomplish in your lives that you never thought you had the power to. Is this really so? We should always ask that question.

Now, I hope that some of you had/have an awesome summery day as I had (guess I even have a sunburn now! 😉 ).

All the best,

Goal for today

Hi people,

it’s weekend, and that means we’re all in a good mood, right? Perfect for another little feel-good challenge. Today I am planning to be thankful at least 10 times (and I’ll try hard to remember and let you guys know later what these things were, just don’t be surprised that it’ll take a while because I’m at a no-internet place for the rest of the weekend 😉 ).

Well, first three times are already done, since I started the day with a nice running tour during which I was very grateful for the chirping birds (making me smile automatically!), for being healthy and able to run and for the blue sunny sky – awesome! Good start. 🙂

I wish y’all a wonderful weekend and many thankful thoughts!


“Let us rise up and be thankful, for if we didn’t learn a lot today, at least we learned a little, and if we didn’t learn a little, at least we didn’t get sick, and if we got sick, at least we didn’t die; so, let us all be thankful.” ~ Buddha


So, during that day I was thankful for seeing my grandparents, for the beautiful daffodils that are blossoming everywhere these days, for having enough to eat (and even something really tasty!) and a nice cozy bed to sleep in, for my cute cat although she is very stubborn (or maybe just because of that?), for it being weekend, so I knew I could sleep in, for the ivy we collected in my grandparents’ garden and formed into a nice vernal door wreath, for the singing blackbird at my mom’s place/soon-to-be real home (I swear this bird picked up a cell phone ring tone, this song is just not normal chirping – too cool! 😉 ), for my self-made vegan chocolates (yummie!), for the beautiful book I finished the second time that day (To Kill A Mockingbird) and for so many other things. Guess it would get boring if I tried to list every little thing here… But the options are inexhaustible. Let’s be thankful for as much as possible! 🙂

Let’s relax!

Hi out there!

It’s Friday, weekend coming, yay! Although I had a somewhat unpleasant day today (and will have to work a little tomorrow…), I’m still happy. Weekend means you don’t have to justify getting up late, staying in your PJs all day if you feel like it and just calming down from the events of the week. Some weeks that’s more necessary than others.

Do you know this feeling when you have something very important in mind all the time and you don’t know how it will turn out? For me this is the case right now, I have applied for an apprenticeship that only few people are accepted to, and it feels like a great thing to me that I would love to get. My head is spinning so often with worries and hopes and yesterday I got a confirmation that at least my application was received (I sent it months ago!) and had to fill out some questionnaires. God was I excited! Today I woke up with a funny feeling in my belly, for me a typical sign of nervousness. I usually have a hard time letting thoughts go. This whole morning while preparing breakfast I didn’t think of anything else.

Luckily the events of the day gradually brought me back to my normal self. After having listened to my current comfort music on the bus this morning, it was already much better. I love the way music can help you change your mood when needed. It can make you happy or sad, calm you down or stimulate you… At the moment (actually for the whole period of my Master’s thesis which was 6 months…) I am listening to (don’t laugh!) songs originated from my favorite anime series I loved to watch when I was younger. Now writing it down, it seems so very childish, but this music just gives me what I need at times like today, and that is a lot of assurance and the feeling that I am doing the right thing. Calmed down, I reached the institute and survived my day. 🙂

Now it already seems totally illogical that I was so hyper just because of something I had been looking forward to for so long and finally been able to do. I really need to start relaxing, but it’s always much easier to say it than to actually set it into action. Fellow HSPs, you sure know what I’m talking about. 😉

What usually helps me is to remember that this life is simply mine and not anybody else’s. Looking at the whole world, there are incredibly many ways of living a life, so why should I worry so much about one single aspect? Fine, it may be very important to me at the moment, but so are other things. If something doesn’t work out it’s not the end of the world, and if it does, well, even better. What counts in the end is the overall happiness, and this probably just suffers if one worries about everything so much more than necessary. I admire the people that just take everything the way it comes and never even bother to think about how it could have been even better. I do that all the time. It’s time to stop it right now. Overall, life is great for privileged people like us (I would consider anyone who can access the internet as privileged, because you most certainly also have a home, running water and a nice cozy bed) and we should remember that more often. We have so many possibilities, there is really no need to take them as an incentive to worry our heads off!

That said, I wish you all a wonderful (and relaxing) weekend!


That’s my cat Kyla… She obviously knows how to relax! 😉


Time for myself


These days I don’t seem to have time for anything. I’m wrapping up my Master’s thesis period, have to start clearing my apartment, I have a sick friend to take care of and then there is this super exciting new blog world I have just entered. Seriously, I start going through manuals on how to deal with certain website things, check interesting blogs and basically don’t do much at all – and all of a sudden two, three hours have just passed by. It’s scary. Where does all the time go?

It’s a common saying that time passes very quickly when one’s having fun, right? I wish this wasn’t true, but for me it is exactly like this. Especially when it is my daily “off” time, where I just do what I feel like doing (which has been exploring the blog world, recently 😉 ), I usually feel somewhat betrayed because the time appears to be soooo short. Then again, it is probably also related to the fact that at the moment I really don’t have much of this off time to begin with. It will get better very soon, and I’m so looking forward to it.

Most HSPs (except for the rare very extrovert ones, maybe) need more of this time for themselves, I think. Well, I don’t know so many personally, but the ones I do know are like this too. One needs a lot of peace and quiet to calm down from this hectic world so rich with impressions. When I get home in the evenings, I am usually finished. Luckily, though, I have a routine of cooking dinner freshly every day, which is like a real therapy to me. I get home, throw my stuff in some corner and start preparing my food. This helps me get into a calm and relaxed mood and slowly get back to my real self. Usually I don’t make anything fancy, but even if it’s just some pasta and veggies, it means so much to me. Sitting down to eat the food I prepared just for me is like appreciating myself and taking care of the fragile sensitive being inside. Really, breakfast and dinner are kind of my days’ highlights. Although these times are also gone too fast, I at least try to eat slowly and mindful and enjoy every minute.

What is it like for you? Do you also try to find little moments in daily life for recollecting and enjoying yourselves? Or can you just go through a day being amongst people 24/7?

Personally, I am very happy to not have to face anyone right now. Well, I mean in real life. Of course I am more than happy for everyone who reads what stirs me – thank you so much for taking the time! ❤

Love, Ayumi